CLAUDIO E. PORNELA is a natural leader with outstanding organizational and executive capabilities. He knows what he wants and how to go about getting it in the most constructive manner. His self-discipline, self-confidence and intellectual abilities had brought him many achievements and gain him recognition from his peers. When he talks, he speaks with integrity. He values his team’s opinions and new ideas and pushes them to strive for quality performance. While generous and warm-hearted by nature, it is his strong willpower and great determination that people look up to him for guidance and inspiration. Claudio’s children are also succeeding in their chosen field of careers.

As one of the incorporators of Hefty Power Systems Corporation, he is appointed as the Vice President for Engineering & Construction. He is responsible for running all aspects of the Engineering department. His knowledge and expertise in strategic planning, technical operations, and project administration have led to successful completion of every project undertaken.

Prior to that, He created the Kanama Engineering and Construction Services as the sole proprietor and ventured into different structural projects like housing projects owned by Calmar Land & Development Corporation and Irrigation Projects of National Irrigation Administration. Earlier, he worked at the National Power Corporation for 26HEF years, rising from the ranks of Assistant Project Engineer up to Department Manager together with Ernesto B. San Juan and Jessie D. De Mesa. During this time, he was able to cultivate his extensive knowledge, skills, and capabilities that led him to be successful today.

Claudio holds a Master in Business Administration at the Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering at the Luzonian University Foundation. He is a Licensed Civil Engineer.